Iowa Volunteers

Hello and Thank you for Volunteering!

Welcome to the Inaugural Iowa FIRST Robotic Competition – FIRST STRONGHOLD

52 awesome teams, approximately 1200 team members, are from 8 states including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin; and 2 countries including China and Brazil.

Over 150 Volunteers from five states will work together to create a safe and exciting event for our teams.

If you haven’t already watched the official explanation of the STRONGHOLD game, please click here:

Lisa Hurban – IA Regional Volunteer Coordinator 319-215-0258
Laurie Shimizu – MN Regionals Volunteer Coordinator. 952.270-3716 

For your Safety & Privacy: Only Volunteers & Event Staff are permitted into Designated Volunteers-Only Areas.


Volunteers are to park in the South Dome Lot. A parking pass will be provided at Volunteer Registration that must be displayed on your dash and visible from the windshield. An interactive parking map can be found at

A printable parking lot map can be found at:

Volunteer Entrance:

Volunteer entrance will be located on the west side of the facility through the glass doors to the connector between the UNI Dome (to the North) and the McLeod Center (to the South.) Walk east past the panther and there should be signs.

Be aware if checking in before 8:30 AM on Thursday or 8:00 AM Friday or Saturday you will find the courtyard filled with enthusiastic students waiting to enter the Arena or Pits. Just let them know you are a volunteer and need to check in and they will graciously make room for you.

Daily Check-In Procedure and Wristbands: We request that every volunteer check-in daily at Volunteer Registration. Meals will be provided on the days you volunteer and a wristband will be provided each day.

What to Bring:

WATER Bottles: Refillable water bottles marked with your name are encouraged. Water will be available in the Volunteer Lounge and you can fill up before heading to your volunteer station. There are water fountains located in the arena and the Pit area.

Also recommended is a thermal mug. Hot coffee/tea is provided during regular meal service. We encourage you to bring a thermal mug and fill with coffee or tea during meals.

No outside food or beverage can be brought into the arena. If you have concerns regarding food allergies or failed to list them in VIMS please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Hurban at

Safety Glasses: Everyone must wear Safety Glasses when in the Pits or on the Field. We have “loaners” but you will be more comfortable if you have your own, personal pair of Safety Glasses.

What to wear:

When volunteering, please wear your Volunteer T-Shirt, comfortable clothing and closed-toe/heel shoes. No sandals, Clogs or Crocs.

For All Field Volunteers: Defenses are metal and gloves are required to move them.  We encourage you to bring your own gloves for the best fit and comfort, if you have them.  If you don’t, FIRST will have some gloves available.

Field Access: Designated Volunteer Personnel will receive Field Access Lanyard tags. Student Event Ambassadors will have limited field access privileges.

Team Media: Each team is issued (one) media tag. Team Media is on-field only when their team is present; they queue to enter/exit the field with their Field Team.

EVENT Schedules & Information:

WEDNESDAY, March 23: 
Volunteer Dinner and Orientation 5:00-6:30 PM to be held in the Alumni Suite located to the right as you enter the Volunteer Entrance.

Your parking pass for the event will be available that evening.

Field Assembly and Event Load-In personnel are scheduled to come earlier on Wednesday and should report at the times identified by their leads.
General Info for Thursday March 24 – Saturday March 26, 2016
Event Volunteer Registration begins at 7 AM on Thursday March 24 in the Alumni Hall (Volunteer Lounge).

Upon arrival at Volunteer Registration, please confirm you have submitted a Conflict of Interest form if you are volunteering in a role that requires this and you have an affiliation with a team competing at the event. Forms are available on the firstinspires website at this link:

This year, the position of Defense Coordinator, also requires a Conflict of Interest form. Forms will be available at registration if needed.
All Event Volunteers will receive: An event volunteer T-shirt; year of service pin; 2016 STRONGHOLD game pin & a name tag.

Volunteer Registration & Breakfast

On Thursday, please arrive at the time your lead communicated with you.

VOLUNTEER MEALS – The hours posted are availability times. Hours may vary due to the competition schedule.Thursday – Alumni Hall

Breakfast 7 AM – 8:30 AM; Lunch 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM; Afternoon Snacks, 2 PM;
Practice Matches end at 6:30 PM. Dinner for those volunteers who will be staying until 8 PM will be provided 5:30 PM – 7 PM.
Friday – Upper Hall of Fame Concourse

Breakfast 7 AM- 8:30 AM; Lunch 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM; Afternoon Snacks, 2 PM
Saturday – Alumni Hall

Breakfast 7 AM – 8:30 AM; Lunch 11:45 AM – 11:15; Afternoon Snacks, 2 PM

Know your Key Volunteers!

Iowa FRC Regional Planning Co-Chairs – Jan and Bruce Newendorp

Ambassador Coordinator – Jennifer Redfern

Volunteer Registration – Kelly Wolf

 On the Field (McLeod Center)
Field Supervisor – Bob Guetzlaff
FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) – Bharat Nain

FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) – Nick Skripsky

FIRST Technical Advisor Assistant – Mark Koors and Narsi Rangan
Game Announcers – Steve Bissen
Master of Ceremonies – Yoji Shimizu and Tyler Owen
Head Referee – Amanda Owen

Scorekeepers – Doug Frisk, Carla Lansing and Steve Koch
Defense Coordinators – Debbie Guetzlaff and Lori Frisk

In the Pit (UNI Dome)
Control System Advisors – Pete Speer, Collin McIntyre, Srinu Dhanwada

Lead Robot Inspector – Matt Mittag, Dick Hurban
UL Lead Safety Advisor – Amy Han
Lead Safety Glasses Advisor – Emily Hurban

Lead Team Queuer – Kathy Irvine and Katherine Ollendieck
Pit Administration Supervisor – Chip Eveland and Mary Prenosil

If – for any reason — you are unable to complete your volunteer assignment, call or text Lisa, 319-215-0258. On behalf of the IA Regional planning committee, thank you for volunteering your valuable time at the IA Regional