Volunteer for the Iowa Regional

Thank you for considering volunteering for the FIRST Robotics Competition Iowa Regional! It takes more than 120 volunteers to make our event great and we appreciate every one!

The first step to volunteering is to register and create a volunteer account here. Some volunteer positions require specific training or have age restrictions, so you will be asked to provide your date of birth along with your name and country.

Screen shot of the FIRST Volunteer Dashboard.  Select the 3rd Tab - Volunteer Registration
Screen shot of the mobile icon for Volunteer Registration.
Screen shot of search for Iowa Regional event in VIMs. Search for Iowa, FIRST Robotics Competition events and select event in March.
Search for FIRST Robotics Competition events in Iowa, select Iowa Regional in March! If you’ve already requested volunteer status, then the event will have a yellow “Application Pending” banner until you are assigned a role.

Once you are registered, log in to the Volunteer Dashboard, select the 3rd tab – Volunteer Registration (“grasping hands” icon if on a mobile device), then select Event Volunteering.

Apply the filters for Iowa and FIRST Robotics Competition. And look for the Iowa Regional – March 22-25. If you are volunteering really early in the season (before November), the event might not be listed yet, check back later!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator using our contact form.

Frequently asked questions about volunteering for the Iowa Regional

Do I have to have experience building robots or coding? Absolutely not! Only a few volunteer positions, such as robot inspector and referee, are technical in nature. The event also needs volunteers to guide teams and visitors, set up the field between matches, monitor the practice field, help teams load in and load out and much more.

I’m a UNI student, what can I do? UNI Students can volunteer to assist with load in and load out, to serve as greeters and assist the public with finding their way around McLeod and the Dome, or to be a part of the field reset team. If you have experience with shop equipment, then you can volunteer to assist the UNI Technology Department in the event Machine Shop.

Do I have to register in order to volunteer? Yes, all event volunteers must register and complete a background check (free) before they can participate. The background check process can take a couple of weeks to complete, so volunteer early.

Do I need any special training to volunteer? Many positions don’t require special training. Some positions, such as judge, require online training through the volunteer dashboard. Your conformation email should outline your required or optional training. Log in at https://my.firstinspires.org/ and, from your dashboard, check Roles Missing Certifications if you are unsure. Other positions, such as area leads, may require previous experience, an apprentice period, and even face-to-face training. If it is your first time volunteering, we will work with you to find a position you will enjoy while helping make the event great.

Where do I park? Where do I check in? Volunteers park in the South Dome Lot. A parking pass will be provided at Volunteer Registration and must be displayed on your dash and visible from the windshield. The volunteer entrance is located in the Lower Hall of Fame, near UNI Ticket Office. From the parking lot, walk toward the panther statue and follow the signs. We ask that volunteers check-in daily.

What should bring/wear? Please wear your volunteer T-shirt (if provided one), comfortable clothing, and close-toed shoes that cover your entire foot. If you have safety glasses of your own, please bring them (otherwise they can be borrowed). Outside food and beverages are not allowed, however volunteers may bring empty refillable water bottles to fill at water refill stations throughout the venue. Wear your name tag at all times. All supplies needed to perform your duties will be provided.